From Phil and Gwen:

Gwen and i both read your post on the dark night if the soul you were in, and may still be in the edges of. It was, as usual, an amazingly well written piece.

I am glad you are secure enough to expose your real vulnerable self in a way you didn’t use to do. I was going to share it but Gwen suggested I should get your permission to do so. It is ok if you don’t want it shared but I think it is an impactful and helpful read.

I’m not sure if you read Richard Rohr’s daily meditations but todays also mentioned the dark night of the soul. I’ll try to send it.

Thanks for writing and thanks for sending it to me.

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From Jim:

Thanks for sharing this. I'm sorry you went through such a rough time, though it's a blessing to be able to reflect upon it in such a constructive way, and for the benefit of others.

It's also a blessing to know that there are folks close to us, people whom God has put into our life, who can help us walk through such times. Of course His Word is trustworthy, as you know too.

Glad you're doing better.

Looking forward to how the Lord leads you from here.

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Very moving, Tim. I’m thankful you made it through this long, dark night. God bless

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